From The Event To Screen
Extend your video content to viewers globally while minimizing the challenges associated with deployments from dated software. With expertise in on-premise and Internet-based video delivery, Gene Kellar Productions products and services simplify your video presence so your clients can view high quality video streams quickly and easily – from the event to the screen.

Simplify Your Life
As your video communication needs expand, Gene Kellar Productions workflow is critical so you can focus on what matters most – your custom event needs. We provides a flexible video content management system that addresses the production – from pre production to delivery . Increasing the audience of your viewers with a unified solutions, we stitch together the latest software and hardware from multiple vendors to make your event videos branding.

Live Transcoding
For the most efficient and high quality delivery of live video content to viewers on all devices, live transcoding can is a part of our video delivery process. Stream live events and broadcast channels over the Internet for delivery to desktops, mobile devices and set-top boxes is a big part of our solutions.

Content Storage & Delivery
Reliable content delivery networks are critical to ensuring your audience gets the fastest, highest quality media experience. For storage and/or transport of our video streams, we seamlessly integrate within the reliable vendors for industry-leading content delivery networks (CDN).