Corporate Communications

Corporate & Marketing Communications
Compelling video is a powerful marketing tool. An expanding video content library signals the need for an efficient video workflow. Getting your video onto the network, managing media assets, publishing your content to multiple sites and distributing video to multiple devices for a flawless viewing experience is all very challenging and time consuming. We help build efficiency into your entire process.

Integrated HD Video & Digital Signage
Deliver time-critical information throughout your facilities to every desktop, display, and mobile device. Whether your audience demands live HD video, data driven signage, or both, our digital signage come together to yield complete administrative control of your enterprise media experience.

Monitor Audience Engagement
To assess whether your video content is impactful and engaging, our solutions provide powerful real-time analytics so you can assess who, what, where, and how audiences are consuming your content so you can tune for maximum impact. Advanced monitoring gives you the feedback required to constantly maximize the viewer experience.

Content Security
GKP can control viewership and assign access control for secure video distribution.